A Few Case Examples Of Personal Injury Law A Good Specialized Lawyer May Deal With

For people who are for the first time confronted with a crisis situation regarding a matter involving personal injury law, the first thing they need to look into is finding a good injury lawyer. This person can ensure their suffering is recognized and compensated or they will do whatever in their power to finish the case as soon as possible, even if the client does not completely agree.

Some of the most common cases that a personal injury lawyer will confront themselves with are:

  • Accidents involving motor vehicles – these usually involve car insurance policies; the parties involved may settle before they reach the trial stage of the case, the defendant agreeing to pay the plaintiff a sum of money in exchange for giving up pressing charges against them;  In the case of a motorcycle accident, a Denver motorcycle accident lawyer should be retained.


  • Product liability – when an accident happens because of products who have been discovered to be defective. Usually the problem occurs due to a defect, which can be in relation to the design, the manufacturing process or the lack of proper warnings to reach the attention of those who are suffering from unnecessary injury;


  • The liability of the premises – the land owner, the home owner or the business owner has the obligation to inform the persons that step on his or her land or office building/home about the dangers that the property may attract. This obligation is usually differentiated by the types of people who pay a visit to the owner. If they are invitees, they benefit from the landowner’s special attention, which has the duty or warning him of any known dangers and be diligent in preventing those dangers. If the people visiting are licensees, they are allowed to be on the land, therefore the owner has the duty to warn them of possible dangers, but not the duty to repair or uncover those dangers. If the people are trespassers, the owner has no obligation except he must prevent himself from installing traps on its field, especially if the trespasser may be a child;


  • Accidents occurring at the workplace – if the worker has been hurt according to the worker’s compensation laws, provided that the employer has adequate insurance. These laws do not apply when the harmful act on the worker is intentional, if he or she is a contractor which is independent from the employer, if the latter does not have compensation insurance for workers or if they have not been harmed by the employer.


  • The medical malpractice – refers to the mistakes which have caused the harm of a patient in the healthcare system and which were made by a practitioner in healthcare, be it a doctor or another professional. This professional is proven to have diverted from the accepted course of treatment for the patient’s problem with the help of another doctor, with the same specialization, who gives a testimony on how they would have reacted in the same situation in a similar place.

In many of these situations and more, finding a good injury lawyer may be the only way to be successful in one’s claims towards compensation for the suffering caused – otherwise the other party will have a reason to invoke your guilt or another excuse to mute your claim.