Benefits to Co-working Spaces in a Virtual World

There are more and more freelancers, entrepreneurs with small businesses, or remote workers, in constant search of free spaces in which they can work and whose rent does not reach as much as an important part of their profit.

The concept and the number of Denver office space rental options with coworking spaces has become better adapted to the needs of those who do not work in a fixed office. The new generations consider that innovation, creativity and initiative are the main conditions for ensuring performance in most current workstations. These qualities involve being proactive and not reactive, changing your perspective, discovering new opportunities, enriching your knowledge and skills, meeting new people, changing the traditional static offices with dynamic spaces, where areas that facilitate collaboration and other types of unconventional spaces are used.

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What is coworking?

Coworking means the activities carried out in rented spaces, usually individually and in the short term, by people doing various jobs, frequently complementary, that they could carry out from home, but which they prefer to do in an environment with more social opportunities.

Coworking is defined by important community relationships and the joint exploitation of resources. Collaboration is the new way of combining life and work in a sustainable manner, it is the link between real estate, technology and community, which will define how people will work in the future.

The coworking space is defined by Gail Palethorpe, writer and world traveler, as the place where you can cling to a coffee, take a nap in a hammock, make a partner for a game of ping-pong or immerse yourself in the world of your work. Here you can take advantage of the ideas of others; you can gain new technological skills, you can find a mentor or an investor who believes in your idea. Coworking is the new way of working, with the freedom to choose where you want to be in the world, when you want to work and who you want to surround yourself with.

Features of co-working spaces

  • There is a space manager who organizes the work, tries to help colleagues, look for opportunities among its members and build trust.
  • The space has common areas where you can be with other co-workers, meet, organize events and establish synergies between entrepreneurs, while each has its own independent space with internet connection and office furniture. Depending on each facility, they can all be in the same room or in separate rooms.
  • It also functions as a center for business activities, since business networks and training events are usually organized within the framework of coworking facilities.

Advantages of coworking

The way of working with the most important interpersonal relations, with great ways of training and personal development is coworking. Other advantages include:

  • It allows entrepreneurs to save costs and rent a workspace at a lower price, which is essential when starting a business.
  • Flexibility of duration and fees when signing contracts, which allows newly created companies and self-employed workers to adapt more easily to unforeseen situations
  • Possibility to establish synergies with other colleagues, companies and entrepreneurs working in the same space
  • Flexibility of coming and going, as if it were your own office, which allows for good work- personal life balance.