The Best Strategy to Hire Denver Trust Attorneys – Where to Start Looking and How to Interview Candidates

Denver trust attorneys provide services that can help you secure the future of your children or of those you want to leave your estate to. Though most people consider drafting a will or setting up a living trust unnecessary or too gloomy of a task, taking steps to ensure the distribution of your assets is more of a measure that should give you peace of mind than anything else. If you have made up your mind about making the move, but you don’t know how to find the right expert, here are some tips and ideas.

Asking Around – the Power of Word of Mouth

Friends, acquaintances, business partners, your financial advisor can all help you find a good attorney. There are many great Denver trust attorneys, so chances are you will find at least a few people who know a good lawyer.

Turning to the Bar Association

Local, county and state-level bar associations are also great sources of information – they all provide free information about local lawyers through their referral service. If you turn to them, you will probably have a very long list of available lawyers, a list you will have to make your way through – again, with the help of people you know or by using one of the best modern devices to find information, the internet.

How to Use the Internet to Find a Trust Lawyer

You can either choose to enter a specific query into your browser to check on a specific lawyer on your list or you can carry out a general search and browse the websites of individual lawyers and law firms. Look for experience, qualifications, referrals, recommendations – anything you consider important when you work with a lawyer.

Establishing Personal Contact

The relationship between you and your lawyer must be one based on trust, so your first impressions of the person you are going to rely on for planning the future of your assets are very important. Create a list with the lawyers you find suitable based on the information you obtain about them, then contact the attorneys on your list to establish a meeting.

Take with you all the documents you consider relevant for the creation of your trust or for your will to be able to give the information your lawyer needs and do get the information you need as well. Ask the lawyer about their experience in estate planning, about their services (you need a lawyer who not only drafts your documents for you, but also administers them, making the necessary changes if your intention, your circumstances or the applicable legislation changes in the future). Don’t be shy to talk about the lawyer’s fees – ask about fee structures and about what those fees cover and what they don’t.


If you think you have found a suitable lawyer, ask for a contract that includes all the terms of your collaboration – it is a very important step in any kind of professional relationship and even more important if the relationship influences the future of your properties.